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Attic Sweepers Hauling Company of Maryland we remove uprights, baby grand piano, American Victorian pianos, ornate pianos, vintage upright pianos steamline pianos, spinels and console pianos, Yamaha pianos, grand pianos, player pianos, arts and crafts piano, and your piano!

Call us now at (443) 838-2353 if your piano requires disassembly before removal, no problem! Inside these pianos there is a heavy, huge chunks of cast iron, making these items very hard to move. Pianos weigh an extreme amount average uprights and console pianos usually weigh 300 lbs-500 lbs., full size uprights are from 700lbs- 1000lbs, grand pianos can weigh 500lbs-1000lbs easily a concert grand piano can weigh up to 1300lbs, Don’t chance this hire the professionals at attic sweepers we can dismantle the piano, remove the cast iron soundboard, and all interior components making it safer and easier to remove. These pieces alone weigh on average 200-300 pounds, making a piano very hard to move normally. We always put down floor protection prior to piano removal so your floors do not get scratched or damaged.

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