Eviction Services

Up-front Pricing & No Hidden Charges

We offer Eviction Cleanouts, Tenant removals or Turnovers. To make sure there are NO Hidden Fees or surprises we offer a flat rate based on the amount of people required by the sheriff. Each county in Maryland has different requirements. Our rates include all of the qualified staff needed, dollies, hand trucks and any other tools or equipment needed to finish the job. Even experienced landlords with years of expertise can agree that rental management and the overall eviction can take a long time and be a stressful process. Finding reliable eviction contractors and waiting for an eviction date can be frustrating and that’s why Attic Sweepers Hauling is here to provide you with a number of services to assist you in the process all the way up to eviction day.

You may need numerous people working on junk removal just to keel the eviction on schedule so no matter how many workers needed at your rental property we will have the crew you need and will always work fast and within the guidelines of the sheriff. Our crew are uniformed professional and knowledge. Call us at 443-838-2353 for a quote or click our eviction services form to schedule an eviction crew. One of our staff will contact you to schedule your eviction.

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